Framework for Action

A. Cooperation & Coordination



1. Database clearing house for what services exist on Gabriola

Community Organizations on Gabriola

Initial Meeting of interested organizations to discuss: Sept 2008

2. Coalition/Council of community organizations share info, identify and implement places for coordination and integration

3. Funded coordinator for coalition visions

4. More on-island services ie home support, mental health & addictions etc.

VIHA and Gabriola Physicians

Primary Health Care Integrated Health network to provide regular services/sessions on Gabriola starting August 1, 2008

5. Regular(twice/month) provision of chronic mgmt. education, mental health support and other Nanaimo hospital based initiatives on Gabriola

6. Integrated primary health care services two options:
(a)centralized location for all services,
(b)centralized location for emergency response plus some services other services dispersed throughout island with integrated communication.

Health Care Practitioners on Gabriola Island

As part of business plan process see H

7.All health care providers and practitioners traditional and non-traditional coordinated

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