• Limited needs assessment/business plan regarding primary health care needs

• Requires data and track-able statistics to plan effectively

• Requires funds

• Is there any community resistance to integrated clinic? Does the community want integrated care, or just an urgent treatment room? How do we determine?

• We shouldn’t just respond to a wish list – we need to identify priorities – who is responsible and what is possible /reasonable within what timeline and budget.


• Alternative models of other approaches (Pender, Tofino, NZ, tele-health, tele-medicine, co-op)

• Different land options for community clinics

• Electronic consulting with specialists

Suggested Solutions:

• Use risk management approach for planning

• Needs Assessment

• Business plan including cost, regulations, etc.

• Determine best approach for compensation and request approval from VIHA and MOH to implement

• Plan with community re: Integrated primary health care centre

• Access Grants, foundations