(There is significant over-lap between the points raised regarding chronic care and those raised in connection with primary health care and keep well programs. The two sections should therefore be read in conjunction with each other.)


Limited on-island services

Cost of accessing off-island follow-up services

Lack of or difficulty in accessing chronic care education.

No or limited support for mental health issues

No assisted living for seniors

Isolation of seniors

Lack of funding for Meals on Wheels

Lack of funding for Home Care


While more may be needed, there are a number of community groups available to assist. For example AA, NA

People are now better educated and have access to much more information about health issues than the ever had


Suggested solutions

Better coordination of and support for volunteers

Self management educators as part of a team to visit Gabriola on regular basis

Health care providers should be encouraged to encourage patients to actively participate in management of their condition self management support

Formation of local peer support groups and identification of other potential supports (ie. Life Line program)

Zoning changes to permit apartments/condominiums for seniors

Home Care better integrated into Gabriola primary health care system