Development of a clear definition of what integrated Primary Health Care would be on Gabriola, and what benefits might accrue to Islanders

Determination of whether Islanders need for an integrated care facility or just an urgent care facility.

Development of an inventory of what services are currently available on and off the island, and communication of that information to Islanders

Identification of health risks to Gabriolans and conversion of those risks to action points

Cost of transportation to off-island programs

Integration of volunteers and avoidance of volunteer burnout.

Recruit and retain Health Care providers


Existence of a number of volunteer groups now on the Island

Primary Health Care now a focus of the Province and VIHA

Some BC Communities have model that might provide guidance (North Vancouver?)

Suggested solutions

Integration of health care groups and health related services of other groups on the Island that might not be initially be perceived to be part of the health care community, such as those developing seniors gardens, walking trails, churches, etc. Volunteer programs lead/coordinated by a Community nurse

Information developed and posted on the internet

Awareness, communication of Primary Health Care services