Lack of demographic and population data that reflects those who are full time residents, part time residents and visitors, and their respective need for primary health care services

Privacy an issue in gathering statistics

Need health specific info emergency statistics, who has doctors where, how many people have chronic issues

Current lack of data reduces our ability to match services with needs

Funds required to collect relevant data

Need accurate data to determine costs/savings to the entire system of the existing urgent treatment room.


Coordination of data with other groups

Collection of data from emergency response on Gabriola Island

RCMP, Post Office, Malaspina, Pharmacy, Stats Can, MoH, VIHA

Info from both clinics here plus Port Place walk-in clinic from Gabriola

Suggested Solutions

Survey of island residents for accurate population/demographic information

Use information that has been gathered previously

Coordination of data collection with other groups

Data used for planning next steps