• Addressing apathy that results from lack of immediacy (if you’re not sick why care?)

• People need accurate information, clear facts and history

• Need for clear definition of terms and jargon

• People want to understand the impact of health care policies on health care practitioners

• How do we ensure that we get all of the opinions?

• Clarification required regarding how the money raised by GHCS will be used


• Pharmacy informal access point for communication

• Community activities page

• Positive positioning of process and partnership within political context

• Website and Blog

Suggested Solutions:

• Pharmacy formal access point for communication

• Suggestion box at Village

• Bulletin board

• Regular press releases/updates (include Nanaimo papers)

• Brochure/info sheet providing relevant facts & info

• Survey

• A demonstration project – emergency simulation

• Information table at Village, Market, etc.

• Possibility of RSS feeds from the WEB site