January 2009 Status Report

  1. 1) Coordination/Primary Health Care: Availability of Primary Health Care Integrated Health network to provide regular services/sessions on Gabriola starting August 1, 2008. Focus will be on Chronic Care Management.
    Progress Status: Completed The Integrated Health Network is available on Gabriola. Dr. Bosman and Dr. Smith have both signed up. Patients are receiving these additional supports in their physician’s offices by the IHN staff, led by the participating physicians.

  2. 2) Attraction and Retention of Physicians: Establishment of Community Attraction and Retention Group responsible for marketing for physicians and accommodation requirements for locums.
    Progress Status: Completed Successful recruitment of new Doctor who will arrive on July 1. The FP4BC program together with a strong Community effort and presentation of viable Clinic was pivotal to the successful recruitment effort. Donations of apartment and other accommodation for Locum doctors was secured.
    Issues: Locum coverage remains problematic and time-consuming, efforts are underway to address the shortage.

  3. 3) Public Communication: A range of communication actions will be initiated by end of August. VIHA’s information will be posted on GHCS website by mid September.
    Progress Status: Completed All GHCS communication commitments in the Public Consultation Report have been fulfilled. Community continues to receive updates of Society activities via the local newspapers. New provincial 811 service provides detailed information on VIHA services provided to Gabriola Island residents..
    Issues: Planning is underway by GHCS on the Open House/Community Dialogue concerning permanent clinic location and services. Need for Public Communications is ongoing.

  4. 4) MOCAP: Medical On-call Availability program will be available for the physicians doing on-call on Gabriola Island
    Progress Status: Completed Gabriola received 2/3 of MOCAP funding Oct 1.2008
    Issues: Long-term compensation issues given population of Gabriola - future needs forecast indicate 3 full time physicians and 3/3 MOCAP.

  5. 5) Communication and links between Physicians on Gabriola and Nanaimo: Increased communication and coordination between Nanaimo and Gabriola physicians.
    Progress Status: Underway Meetings between GHSC and Residency/Training program for rural doctors in Nanaimo have taken place. Next steps are to establish Gabriola as a placement location. Physician that will be coming permanently to Gabriola in July will have an internship placement in NGH, this spring. This will help to establish a long-term closer working relationship.
    Issues: none

  6. 6) Pilot Initiatives: Senior leadership in MoH and VIHA to work with the community to identify appropriate pilots that would respond to the primary health care challenges.
    Progress Status: Provincial Physician Master Agreement did not allocate additional alternative payment funding. Current PMA expires in 2012. Need to identify approaches applicable to Gabriola.
    Issues: Knowledge transfer of successful working models from other communities needs to be enhanced. Opportunities to do so in an effective way will be sought.

  7. 7) Nurses & Gabriola Health Care System: Determine the most effective way to include nurse practitioners, registered nurses, home support nurses into the current primary health care system on Gabriola.
    Progress Status: Underway Advanced Practice Nurse focused on Chronic Care Management has been hired by the Interim Community Clinic. Resulting team approach is already demonstrating improved time management and care for these patients. Current nurse has undertaken training for accreditation as recognized Nurse Practitioner status
    Issues: Requires New Action Different compensation system required that recognizes the clinic team model

  8. 8) Data: Data requirements of Gabriola for the purposes of effective Primary Health Care planning will be provided.
    Progress Status: Requires Decision Meeting on Jan 27 to review next draft of data. Next step after data approved will be community planning based on data.
    Issues: Data requires final validation by MOHS and VIHA prior to release

  9. 9) Long Term Planning: Based on the results of the public input GHCS will initiate a planning process open to interested community members and based on relevant data and input from public session.
    Progress Status: Underway Building committee and clinic service committee continue to plan and consider alternatives. Strategic Board planning session held in Fall 2008.
    Issues: Data not publicly available yet.


  1. 1) Research: Research into most effective approach to inclusion of a variety of health practitioners, including nurse practitioners and registered nurses.
    Proress Status: Underway Discussion underway with BCIT regarding potential research.
    Issues: How does research feed into building clinic design timeframe in a timely manner.

  2. 2) Management Model of Integrated Primary Health Care on Gabriola: Research into a variety of options for the community. Research will include a co-operative model, salaried approach and a review of other jurisdictions.
    Progress Status: Requires new action Various research funding opportunities have been considered. None are applicable at this time. Need to consider knowledge transfer of successful modes in another format.
    Issues: MOH and VIHA provide examples and contacts of successful models. See note re PMA above.

  3. 3) Permanent clinic: Plans for a permanent, community owned location for the Emergency Treatment Room and supporting services will continue, with funds being raised through community fundraising, Foundations and Philanthropic organizations.
    Progress Status: Underway Identification of core services results in preliminary architectural drawings. GHCS delegation trips to Pender Island Clinic, and Anchor Clinic in Nanaimo.
    Next steps: Detailed cost estimates being developed for base line scenario. Further community input into in planning process.
    Issues: Fundraising in difficult financial environment will be challenging, and may effect model of health care delivery.

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